Glockemann Water Pumps

The Glockemann water pump is a water powered pressure pump that delivers stream water up to a storage tank.  Powered only by the flowing water, it is robust and hard-wearing, and is ideal for rural and remote locations where a reliable water supply is needed. Watch our video for a detailed overview.

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Glockemann pumps do not require electricity or fuel

Glockemann pumps are

  • Flood-proof
  • Low maintenance
  • Environmentally safe
  • Simply driven by your stream or river

Glockemann pumps can

  • Work in the range of 0.5 of a metre to 1.8 of a metre fall (This is called the drop)
  • Pumps to 200 metres delivery Head or Tank
  • Pumps over 30,000 litres a day in some conditions

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