Glockemann Water Pumps

The Glockemann hydraulic ram water pump is a water powered pressure pump that delivers stream water up to a storage tank.  Powered only by the flowing water, it is robust and hard-wearing, and is ideal for rural and remote locations where a reliable water supply is needed. Our customers use the pump to keep their tanks full, for animal watering, drip irrigation, fish farming, household and garden water supply, firefighting, and more. Watch our video for a detailed overview.

Who uses our pump?

Glockemann hydraulic ram pumps have been sold around the world for 40 years.  In recent years we have delivered pumps around Australia and to countries that include Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, the Pacific Islands, North America (Canada, the United States and Mexico),  Cambodia and Thailand.

Increasingly our pumps are being used by international aid agencies and philanthropic organisations for humanitarian  WaSH (water, hygiene and sanitation) projects that provide community water supplies in developing countries.  Recent projects have included Oil Search PNG’s first village project at at Hebeiya in Central Province, PNG, and community projects in Cambodia and Vanuatu.

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Glockemann pumps do not require electricity or fuel

Glockemann pumps are

  • Flood-proof
  • Low maintenance
  • Environmentally safe
  • Simply driven by your stream or river

Glockemann pumps can

  • Work best where the stream water has a vertical fall of 0.6 to 1.8 metres (this is called the “drop”)
  • Pump uphill to a vertical height of 200 metres to a delivery Head or Tank
  • Deliver over 30,000 litres of water a day in some conditions

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