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Glockemann 320


You require a minimum fall of 0.6 metre and a maximum of 1.8 metres using a 100mm drive tube to work your Glockemann 320 water pump. If necessary you can create this with a weir or dam.

Using a 150mm drive tube you need a minimum of 0.3 metres fall and a maximum of 1.6 metres.

Litres/second  - you  will need minimum of 3 litres a second using a 100mm drive tube, and 8 litres/second for a 150mm drive tube.

Glockemann Aquarius

You will require a fall of between 0.6 metres minimum and 3 metres maximum, with a flow rate of 1 litre/ per second and a 100mm drive tube for proper function.





Using this information we will be able to make suggestions on what pump configuration you will require.

Recommendations will be on pump, bore size, drive, tube and configuration, and delivery pipe diameter.

IMG_1665 (2).JPG

Pump with long drive pipe

The Australian water powered pressure pump

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