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I have been using two Glockemann pumps now for 17 years for livestock water and could highly recommend these pumps for all water supply needs.

In our situation we pump to a head of 70 metres and a distance of 650 metres. We receive in our storage tanks about 1500 litres a day, seven days a week from each pump, If you take this over a 17 year period one pump has delivered around 10 million litres of water for the livestock.

The amazing thing about the Glockemann water pump is that my cost to maintain and run my two pumps has only been $650 over the period of 17 years.

The Glockemann 320 pumps are easy to manage and set up on streams or dams in rural and urban situations, their applications are endless, they are simple to maintain and their reliability is second to none. Back-up service and advice on these pumps over those years has been first class.

There has been countless number of people come and look at the pumps and are amazed at the operation and what the pumps can do. From farmers, townspeople and school students to tourists from Australia and overseas, government departments and conservation groups ─ I get the lot.



When I bought my acreage with a permanent water source some 16 years ago I decided to be as self-sufficient as possible. This led to installing a Glockemann 320 pump in the creek as it had a small fall.

The pump is still in place today, having worked away through all seasons and giving us a consistent water supply even after cyclones, when many in our neighbourhood had no power or fuel and couldn’t pump water.

The unit is really durable, and I am very impressed with the simple but very effective and efficient design. There are no running costs, and maintenance has been absolutely minimal - only a few changes of the diaphragm and one bore cylinder, and recently the casing need repair.

I would recommend this water pump to those who care to tread lightly on this beautiful earth.


Petrea P, Ravenshoe, Queensland

Laurie D, cattle producer, Killarney, Queensland

IMG_1665 (2).JPG

Pump with long drive pipe

The Australian water powered pressure pump

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