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Please note: for technical advice please use the enquiry form at the end of this page, not the one on our Contact Us page.

We supply two hydraulic ram pumps.  The Glockemann 320 has been our standard pump for many years.  Our new Glockemann Aquarius works in the same fashion as the 320 but is smaller and much lighter, making it easier to carry, to install in rough terrain, and to move around.

The Glockemann Pump can be thought of as a major variant of the 200 year old “Hydraulic Ram”.

The “Hydraulic Ram” uses the water hammer principle ─ that bang you sometimes hear when a tap is quickly shut. This ‘bang’ is a high pressure pulse that can be made to pump water.

Think of the Hydraulic Ram as a car stuck in one gear. Due to this limitation it has to have a high ‘drop’ or difference in water level in the river to operate, otherwise it will stall or the ‘clutch’ will wear out.

The Glockemann hydraulic ram pump is like a car that finally has a gearbox and therefore can go up a steep hill.

By selecting the right size piston (small diameter for ‘Low’ gear) it can pump to a high ‘head’ with a small ‘drop’.

​​Superior design and performance

Both are gravity fed high pressure pumps, used to pump water from a flowing stream up to a storage tank.  This type of pump works by harnessing the water’s energy and gravity as it flows downhill into the pump, to produce pressure that forces the water into the delivery pipe and up the hill.  Both are stand-alone pumps, i.e. they do does not require any other power sources such as electricity or diesel.

With both pumps the body has two sections – an “engine room” at the front and a pumping end at the rear, connected by a rubber diaphragm. Water flows down the drive pipe into the front chamber until it fills, pushing the exhaust valve closed (the“ram” hammer effect). The resulting pressure causes the diaphragm to push a large spring connected to a piston, forcing water up the delivery pipe.  Both pumps can be transported in two sections, e.g. in airline baggage.

Both pumps are made from quality materials and designed to minimise wear and tear. The 320 has a casing of cast iron, while the body of the Aquarius is from UV-stable PVC.  Both models have high grade stainless steel bores, springs and fittings (316 marine grade stainless steel for the Aquarius) and their few moving parts are all mounted on long lasting, hard wearing rubber. 

Our pumps are designed to provide trouble free service. They will operate continuously and reliably, requiring very little attention other than periodic minor maintenance. Under normal circumstances it will only be necessary to replace the leather piston cup (a 10 minute job) every one to two years and the diaphragm every three to five years, depending on the operating conditions.  Some 320 pumps are known to be working well after decades of continuous use.

Both models suit most sites. Both pumps need sufficient drop, or fall, in the water levels of the stream plus enough flow rate to create the necessary power to operate the pump.  If necessary, fall can be created with a dam or weir.

Glockemann 320

garden 3  lightened.jpg

Glockemann Aquarius



Retail prices:

Glockemann 320  AUD$2750

Glockemann Aquarius AUD $1750


plus GST and freight if applicable.

Glockemann pumps are built to last a lifetime !!!

Site requirements

Glockemann 320


To function properly, the 320 pump requires a stream with a vertical drop, or fall (“head height) of no less than 40 cms and no more than 3 metres, and a natural flow rate as low as 1 litre a second. (If necessary, the fall can be created with a dam or weir).  The pump’s output is directly proportional to the proposed pump sites flow, drop in river lever and height and distance that the proposed end pumping location is located in relation to the pump. Performance estimates can be provided by contacting Glockemann water pumps.

As an example, a Glockemann 320 pump installed with a 1.2 metre drop in a 150 mm drive pipe and a delivery head of 75 metres to the water tank would give an output of around 4500 litres a day. Output can be increased by simply adding more pumps to the delivery line. So, in this example, three pumps would supply 13,500 litres a day.

Glockemann Aquarius


​The Aquarius needs a fall (“head height) of no less than 60 cms and as high as 3 metres, and a natural flow rate of at least one litre a second. However, the pump will deliver small volumes of water where the fall is as low as 30 cms – a much smaller fall than most pumps need – and flow rates as low as ONE litre a second, making it an option in flatter terrain.  A 50ml polypipe can be used as a drive tube to gain height, regardless of distance.

In the same situation an Aquarius pump with a 48 mm bore installed with a 1.2 metre drop in a 100 mm drive pipe and a delivery head of 35 metres to the water tank would give an output of around 1800 litres a day. Three pumps would deliver 5,400 litres a day in this situation.

As an example, a pump installed with a 3 metre drop in a maximum drive pipe size is 65cm.  Pumping to a height of 50m, output  can be increased by simply adding more pumps to the  delivery line.  Three pumps would deliver 5,400 litres a day in this situation.

We configure every pump we sell to maximise the daily output from the user’s site, after which it can be adjusted easily to suit flow changes, or relocated as needed.  Excess water can be directed to other uses. The pump can also be ‘throttled’ back to pump less or no water.

An easily interchangeable piston bore allows the user to select the correct pumping force for the site i.e. a small ‘bore’ for high delivery heads, a large ‘bore’ for low delivery heads. For the 320, a choice of seven bore sizes allows a specific pumping solution to be designed as needed, and the Aquarius is now delivered with three sizes of bore.  Many other hydraulic ram pumps do not have piston bores, so lack this flexibility.

Both pumps can be positioned virtually anywhere in or near a stream by using 100 mm or 150 mm PVC drive pipes with PVC elbows (instead of the long straight metal drive pipes that are commonly used). The pumps can be mounted in or out of the water, and chained in place.  They do not need to be concreted into position, so can be easily shifted if the stream flow alters.

Use our performance calculators to estimate (1) the water flow (volume of water in the piston bore) and (2) the likely output for your own site, for each drive pipe and bore gauge.

In summary:

Glockemann 320
Glockemann Aquarius
Warranty for repairs or replacement, for any manufacturing defect, and when operated under normal conditions
10 years (except cups and diaphragms)
5 years (except cups and diaphragms)
Retail price in AUD (plus GST in Australia where applicable)
Whisper quiet operation
Maintenance requirements (under normal operating conditions)
Replace the leather piston cup (10 minutes) every one to two years. Replace diaphragm every three to  five years,
Replace the leather piston cup (10 minutes) every one to two years. Replace diaphragm every three to  five years,
Premium quality materials
Cast iron casing. High grade stainless steel bores, springs and fittings.
UV-stable PVC casing. High grade stainless steel bores, springs and fittings.
Drive pipe sizes
100mm and 150mm
65mm and 100mm
Bore sizes available
3 (supplied with the pump)
Weight when full assembled (approximate)
54 kg
22 kgs
Length 43cm Width 47 cm Height 53cm
Length 55 cm Width 26 cm Height 26 cm
Delivery head (the height to which the pump can push water uphill to a tank)
Up to 200 metres, depending on ideal head height and flow rates
Tested to 50 metres so far
Natural flow rate of stream
4.5 to eight litres a second. Will pump small volumes at flow rate as low as 1.5 litres/sec, e.g. on flatter terrain
As low as 1 litre per second.
Drop or fall in water levels (“head height”)
60 cm to 1.8 metres over a distance of up 8 metres Will pump small volumes at 30 cm.
40 cm to 3.0 metres over a distance of up to 8 metres. Will pump small volumes at 30 cm.

After the initial price the pumps cost almost nothing to operate, except for a few inexpensive parts replaced periodically during routine maintenance.  As this table shows, these annual operating costs for the Glockemann pumps compare very favourably with other pump types.

Petrol Honda Water Pump
Diesel Water Pump
Glockemann 320 Water Pump
Fuel per h/r
Cost per 8h/r
Cost per Month
Cost per Year
$50 for the price of 2 diaphragms and leather cups
$50 for the price of 2 diaphragms & leather cups
Operating Life
12 Months
3 Years
20 Years
20 Years
Cost over 12 months

To see Glockemann 320 pump in action and demonstrations of how to assemble, install and maintain it, see our introduction video and instructional video, as well as our downloadable user guides for the 320.

This demonstration video shows the Aquarius in operation, and more information will soon be on the website..

To buy a Glockemann water pump

First assess the amount of water you need to use and store, if your position has sufficient drop to operate our gravity fed pump (ideally 0.6 to 1.8 metres), and whether you want to operate the pump in the water or outside it.  Then complete our technical enquiry form (see link below) with the required statistics and send it to us so that we can assemble a pump to meet your specific needs.  For larger volumes we may recommend two or more pumps to be linked together.

Before purchasing a Glockemann water pump

  • Watch our videos with their detailed overviews.

  • Read and understand the Glockemann Pump Performance Statistics. Understanding these is essential to get either pump to work properly.

  • Complete our enquiry form below – we need these measurements to build a pump with the right bore to suit your application.


Performance statistics tables

Use these tables to calculate the output volume for your delivery head (height from pump to collection tank) that would be delivered by drive tubes with 100 mm or 150 mm diameter used in conjunction with one of our seven sizes of bore.

Buying a pump



320 Model:  $2750

Aquarius Model:  $1750

Prices include GST if applicable in Australia


Please note: Specifications of your product will be customised to your needs, which can slightly vary the price.

Please note that the freight cost will need to be organised later in the form of a quote. Delivery costs include air and road freight plus freight insurance if required.

The Glockemann is built to last a lifetime

Ordering a pump

Click here to go to our Technical Enquiry Form and submit your site details so that we can advise the right pump configuration.

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Pump with long drive pipe

The Australian water powered pressure pump

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